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BBQ Lunch on the Water

BBQ Lunch on the Water

We love grilling for our full-day charter passengers!!! The entree of your choice is included as part of our full-day adventure and an all-inclusive price. Full-Day Charter packages start at $690, with shorter charters also available (without BBQ).

It was a pleasure to host “The Insider” social media publisher, along with Bacardi reps when they featured us in their promotional video on 12/12/17. Some guests choose to have their BBQ and picnic in the water. The grill is mounted in the water, and lunch is served to our guests sitting in floating chairs or on our paddle board table. Others may choose lunch aboard the TIKI TIKI, as described and shown in photos at the bottom of this page.

Unlike most boat charters and tours, our seven-hour excursion package offers you the choice of any BBQ entree or vegetarian options from our menu. The standard BBQ menu options could include a combination of skirt steak, burgers, chicken, ribs, hot dogs, or bratwurst sausages. The premium charter package also provides the option for premium cut steak, fresh-caught fish and shrimp. Hogfish and yellowtail snapper are generally voted the best-tasting fish in the Keys (and we agree). During lobster season, which begins the first week of August, we may also attempt to catch and grill these tasty critters. Each charter may choose two sides to go along with your choice of lunch. Pick from baked potato, corn on the cob, red peppers, potato or macaroni salad, onions, or mushrooms. The lunch also includes your choice of chips – choose one.

Children’s and adults’ beverages are provided for the entire day. Beverages chosen by your party will be put on ice in the boat’s cooler for your convenience. Keep the kids in mind when choosing among non-alcoholic versus adult drinks, including any domestic or imported beer or any combination (substituting beer for a bottle may be allowed). Plus you can bring your own…whatever you need, as long as it fits in the cooler – confirm with the captain before arrival.