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Key Largo Adventures offers multi-activity charters. Add premium options to enhance your day. Full-day, half-day, and customized tours will allow you to relax and enjoy the natural environment, go sightseeing, or can include any combination of the following activities at the Islamorada Sandbar or mangrove islands for one affordable, all-inclusive price.

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  • Islamorada Sandbar or Mangrove Islands Adventure

    Less than one mile offshore on the oceanside, you will find the popular Islamorada Sandbar. On warm weekends throughout the year, you may find up to 300 boaters. Key Largo and Islamorada Sandbar boaters gather to enjoy the crystal clear waters, the soft sand, and the 360° panoramic view – where spectacular sights are the norm. On weekends, expect to join the Islamorada Sandbar party boat to party with fun music and friendly boaters. Weekdays are a little quieter than weekends on the sandbar, and our backcountry mangrove island tours are a nice, quiet alternative when the sandbar is too busy for your group. The choice is yours.
    In the winter, more snowbirds move into the sandbar – not overly concerned with the cooler water and air. Many of our guests choose to go directly to the sandbar for a good reason, skipping other activities offered by Key Largo Adventures, such as snorkeling.
    Our photos very thoroughly depict the varieties of fun for all ages in what is annually voted as the Florida Keys’ “Hottest Spot.” Guests may lounge on the boat or use our variety of floating chairs provided. Or, on the sandbar, you may choose to float or sit on the sandbar – commonly with a cold drink (of your choice) in hand. Adults and children alike may take the kayak for a scenic ride or the paddle boards across the grassy flats, full of sea life, in and around Islamorada’s Sandbar.
    The mangrove islands do not offer a beach or sandbar. However, the day usually is spent using snorkel masks, paddle boards, floating chairs, kayaks, and listening to music on the boat. It’s a great day with a natural, quiet feeling, making a great location for viewing wildlife, paddling, photography, and fishing (catch/release).
    Whether on the sandbar or near the mangroves, the fishermen in the group may take one of the ultra-lite rods provided and either sight cast for game fish, slow troll on kayak or paddleboard, or even wade fish in the best shallow water or flats fishing in the world. Dolphins are commonly seen around the mangrove islands, as an added treat.
    Ladies and men alike may use the tanning area at the bow (front) of the TIKI TIKI to lay out and get sun or read a book, or just kick back and relax. Guests may also climb to the tower (crow’s nest) to view the spectacular panorama with the polarized glasses provided to all aboard. Your choice of lunch may be served in the comfort of the boat, a floating chair, or on our versatile paddleboards…tough choice!
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  • Islamorada Snorkel Tour – Coral Reefs

    The BEST ISLAMORADA SNORKEL TOUR – Part of a Half-Day or Full-Day Adventure!

    There is no finer snorkeling anywhere in North America than in Islamorada and Key Largo, Florida! We combine our snorkel tour with our multi-activity day, plus food and drinks and photos and videos, for an all-inclusive price. The Upper Florida Keys are unique in that they possess the only living coral reef in the United States. Fortunately, we have two great reefs very near our departure point for our private, all-inclusive Islamorada Snorkel Tour – a part of our Half-Day or Full-Day tour. See all activities included in your day aboard the TIKI TIKI here. Water near the reefs is comfortable and clear most of the year. The reefs consist of hundreds of species of coral and fish. The tourist snorkel sights are terrific, but the local hot spots are even better. That’s where a boat captain with 30+ years spearfishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving these waters can help get you get to the best locations.

    Guests are encouraged to be photographed feeding the massive population of reef fish and are likely to see a small shark or two, barracuda, moray eels, turtles, eagle rays and the list goes on and on… Professional snorkeling equipment is provided for up to six guests – for both children and adults during the Islamorada Snorkel Tour. Included are masks, snorkels, and fins. Snorkeling for children and novices is also common at the Islamorada sandbar, where it is very shallow and calm. Although there is no living coral at the sandbar, snorkelers may encounter harmless stingrays, blue crabs, spider crabs, cowfish, shells and hermit crabs – all in the crystal clear and sandy bottom, which makes the sandbar the “Hottest Spot” in the entire Florida Keys.

    Snorkeling for lobster is an awesome adventure! And needless to say, one of the tastiest meals on the grill. The season begins annually the first week of August and then remains open until March 31st. The first three months are undeniably the best – August, September and October. These months also coincide with the warmest surf temperature – over 82°, making the search for the “spiny” or Florida lobster that much more enjoyable.

    Another fun thing to do on your adventure is paddle board in Islamorada. Find prices on our website’s All Charters page, and read about our past guests’ experiences on TripAdvisor, where we are ranked as one of the BEST Islamorada boat tours.

    We hope to see you for an exceptional day during our Islamorada Snorkel Tour.

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  • Islamorada Paddle Boarding – Fun, Fun, Fun

    Islamorada paddle boarding is included in Key Largo Adventures’ Full- or Half-day packages.

    The coolest and most popular adventure recently has been Islamorada paddle boarding (SUP). While designed for one, many adults prefer taking a friend for a calm and beautiful ride at the Islamorada Sandbar and its gorgeous shallow surroundings. Children, on the other hand, enjoy taking more than just one friend and also love paddling the nearby flats in search of marine wildlife such as stingrays, horseshoe crab, starfish, harmless nurse sharks, barracuda, tarpon, spotted eagle rays, hermit crabs, cowfish, etc. on the pristine shallow sands of the Islamorada Sandbar or the nearby seagrass beds (which is one of the three main marine ecosystems in the Florida Keys). Whether it’s a family tour via SUP or a solo excursion, you will have a breathtaking 360-degree panoramic view throughout your ride that is second to none. Polarized glasses provided to all on board will be a huge benefit when paddle boarding in search of marine wildlife.

    If fishing aboard the paddle board is also on your agenda, you chose an ideal location for it. Considered the “Fishing Capital of the World,” Islamorada’s shallow crystal clear flats is a big reason for this title. Whether you slow-troll or site cast ballyhoos, squid, shrimp, or live bait, the game fish readily available include, the bonnethead shark, barracuda, bonefish, tarpon, or even permit. Other unusual species caught at the sandbar include the flounder, cowfish, lizardfish, and even a mantis shrimp.

    In addition to Islamorada paddle boarding, another fun thing to do on your day full of adventure includes snorkeling in Islamorada. Find prices on our website’s All Charters page, and read about our past guests’ experience on TripAdvisor, where we are ranked as one of the BEST Islamorada boat tours.

    Whether you’re alone on the paddle board or not, or whether you’re fishing or not – plan on having an adventure you won’t soon forget.

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  • Islamorada Fishing in the Flats

    As part of our multi-activity day, we enjoy catch-and-release fishing for small fish while relaxing at the sandbar, oceanside, or near the mangrove islands, bayside, depending on the weather. We will spend our customized day of boating in the spectacular waters in Islamorada, commonly known as the “Fishing Capital of the World” – and for good reason.

    Located only five minutes south of Key Largo, sports fishermen from around the world pay big dollars to hire professional fishing guides to take them to these world-class locations. As it turns out, the very sandbar that we vacation at attracts these hardcore fishermen and they are visible all around us. You will love an easy afternoon of Islamorada fishing in the shallow water of the sandbar flats or at the mangrove islands, where you are likely to view stingrays and catch small bonnethead sharks!!! We will snap a quick photo to commemorate your experience and then release him back into the water.

    So whether you’re a non-fisherman, a casual fisherman, or a no-nonsense fisherman, knowing that you’re spending the day in a world-class fishing location must be encouraging if not downright exciting. Our guests can enjoy use of our ultra-light fishing rod on board the TIKI TIKI along with all the bait and tackle you need. Fishing licenses are also included for the entire crew.

    Lately, the bonnethead shark has been the most sought after fish on the sandbar and certainly the most unique and photogenic of all.  Other fish that our guests have caught have been the barracuda, bonefish, tarpon, permit, flounder, needlefish, cowfish, and your occasional stingray.

    At the sandbar or near the mangrove islands, you may fish off the boat, fish while wading, fish on the paddle board (SUP), or fish kayaking; both the kayak and paddle board have two rod holders and two cup holders and both are capable of carrying two people. Please note, an individual fishing license is NOT required for our guests. We purchase them for you, as a part of your package.

    For those who prefer to target just fish, or for children looking to catch their first saltwater species, fishing Islamorada’s sandbar is perfect! The water is crystal clear, shallow, sandy, safe, and calm – which has never led to a single guest getting seasick.

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  • We love grilling for our full-day charter passengers!!! The entree of your choice is included as part of our full-day adventure and an all-inclusive price. Full-Day Charter packages start at $690, with shorter charters also available (without BBQ).

    It was a pleasure to host “The Insider” social media publisher, along with Bacardi reps when they featured us in their promotional video on 12/12/17. Some guests choose to have their BBQ and picnic in the water. The grill is mounted in the water, and lunch is served to our guests sitting in floating chairs or on our paddle board table. Others may choose lunch aboard the TIKI TIKI, as described and shown in photos at the bottom of this page.

    Unlike most boat charters and tours, our seven-hour excursion package offers you the choice of any BBQ entree or vegetarian options from our menu. The standard BBQ menu options could include a combination of skirt steak, burgers, chicken, ribs, hot dogs, or bratwurst sausages. The premium charter package also provides the option for premium cut steak, fresh-caught fish and shrimp. Hogfish and yellowtail snapper are generally voted the best-tasting fish in the Keys (and we agree). During lobster season, which begins the first week of August, we may also attempt to catch and grill these tasty critters. Each charter may choose two sides to go along with your choice of lunch. Pick from baked potato, corn on the cob, red peppers, potato or macaroni salad, onions, or mushrooms. The lunch also includes your choice of chips – choose one.

    Children’s and adults’ beverages are provided for the entire day. Beverages chosen by your party will be put on ice in the boat’s cooler for your convenience. Keep the kids in mind when choosing among non-alcoholic versus adult drinks, including any domestic or imported beer or any combination (substituting beer for a bottle may be allowed). Plus you can bring your own…whatever you need, as long as it fits in the cooler – confirm with the captain before arrival.

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  • Child Eco-Education

    Enjoy the best Islamorada eco-tour with Captain Charlie aboard the TIKI TIKI, as part of the three-hour boat charter (or incorporated into a full- or half-day charter).

    As a full-time elementary school teacher for the past 15 years in Miami-Dade County, I can make sure each child receives an eight-hour, hands-on marine eco-education like no other – if this is what you would like. Weather permitting, we can snorkel, kayak, or wade ourselves into all three marine eco-systems and their multiple personalities; the living coral reef, the mangrove islands, and the ocean’s seagrass life. To assist the visual learner, fish, coral, and sealife identification cards cataloging every species in every habitat will be available.

    There are many lessons to be learned aboard the TIKI TIKI. For example, there is snorkeling, fundamentals of fishing/casting, kayaking, boating regulations and marine life identification which may be as educational to the adult as it is to the child. I have been eco-educating my elementary students since 1999 without a single scratch, fall or accident because safety is my first concern.
    I encourage all children under 10 years of age to wear a life jacket while boating, snorkeling or kayaking.

    I provide unlimited sunblock for all aboard, as well as towels and a loaner pair of polarized (amber) sunglasses for children and adults alike. One cannot truly appreciate all the marine life, shallow water exploration, and blue/green color changes without a pair of polarized glasses of your own.

    This Islamorada eco-tour is a great part of your day with Key Largo Adventures.

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  • Holidays/Special Events at the Islamorada Sandbar

    Calling all bachelors/bachelorettes, birthday partyers, family vacation planners, and others!!! The Islamorada Sandbar is THE PLACE to enjoy your special events and holidays with Key Largo Adventures! Looking for a unique and unforgettable way to spend your special occasion or holiday with family and friends?

    Treat yourself, treat a friend, treat your college friends or family to a great day. It is an extraordinary adventure aboard the TIKI TIKI, where you can enjoy along with hundreds of others the one and only sandbar in Islamorada. Located a half-mile offshore, directly in front of the Florida Keys’ world-famous Tiki Bar, this exclusive location is accessible only by boat. On a typical holiday weekend you will be joined by several hundred other boat enthusiasts. All enjoying – just another day in paradise!

    Your day at the sandbar might include walking or kayaking the length of the sandbar, checking out the scene – with a drink in hand. Or you may spend some time tossing the frisbee or throwing the football on the crystal-clear sandy bottom. Or even lounge the day away on your choice of floats or lounge chairs, while taking in the sun – or enjoying the shade of our multiple umbrellas. Of course, you may choose to try your luck wade fishing the renowned shallow water flats of Islamorada with your choice of custom-made ultra-light rods and natural bait. Certainly, you may choose to enjoy the comforts of the boat and its cushion-upholstered tanning area for two or picnic seating for five. The mini tower or crow’s nest for one or two persons guarantees the best 360-degree panoramic view of the day. All this while listening to sensational sounds from the eight-speaker sound system playing your music of choice.

    Included in the charter is your party’s choice of non-alcoholic and adult beverages. You tell us which and we will provide them, ice cold, throughout the day. Tell us also your preferred BBQ favorite and we will prepare, grill and serve it for up to six people, anywhere you like.

    Charters for long weekends and holidays fill up quickly, so reserve your charter today!!

    View our drone video from Memorial Day weekend, 2014, to see the typical crowd on the Islamorada Sandbar during special events.