Frequently Asked Questions about Key Largo Adventures 

Q: What is offered in the FULL DAY versus the HALF-DAY packages?
A: A very detailed list of amenities for our standard charters and our premium package can be found at the bottom of our Prices and Reservations” page. The full day excursion includes a grilled BBQ lunch, but the half-day does not. Photos, snacks, drinks, amenities, “toys,” and all activities are offered as part of full AND half-day packages. Activities may become limited, depending on the weather, but generally, you can customize your excursion to do any or ALL of: snorkeling, paddleboarding, kid’s kayaking, flats fishing, floating, tossing a football or frisbee, meeting the locals, and enjoying your favorite music on Pandora. Tips or Gratuities are not included in the price (see below for more info).

Q: How much is a the customary tip / gratuity for a charter?
A: A customary tip in the USA is 15%-20%. Our charter is not simply a boat rental company. The Captain (and optional “crew”) work as service providers throughout your full day or half day excursion, including setting up equipment, snorkel guide, photography and photo package editing, chef, bar tender, coordinating multiple boats, launching kayaks, cleaning, and more.

Q: What is the process for reserving and paying for a tour?
A: Before you pay, please check availability on our online calendar. Alternatively, you could mail Charlie@KeyLargoAdventures.com, or call (305-975-4885) to ensure your selected date is available. We prefer you pay on our website’s “Prices and Reservations” page through our payment system, but you also could call 305-975-4885 to pay by phone with your credit card. After payment, Key Largo Adventures is automatically notified and will send the payer a confirmation email, menu options, and other details about the charter.

Q: Who do you recommend for nearby: Hotels? Things to Do/See? Favorite Restaurants? various Services? Companies/Captains if you have no availability?
A: Please see our RECOMMENDATIONS page for details.

Q: Can we reserve a date now and pay later?
A: No. FULL payment is due at the time you reserve the excursion. If concerned about potentially needing to cancel at a later date, please see the Cancellation Policy at the bottom of the “Prices and Reservations” page. Reservations are not secured until full payment is made.

Q: Tell me about the excursion’s timing. How long is the full day excursion? How long is the half-day?
A: Typically, we welcome our guests aboard at 10:00AM sharp, departing after a tour of the amenities and safety briefing. The 7 hour, full day charter returns to the dock at 5:00PM, or earlier, if the guests request it. The 4 hour, half-day charter starts at 10:00AM, returning at 2:00PM, or starts at 2:00PM, returning at 6:00PM (timing may be adjusted in winter, due to special circumstances, or on request. Confirm with the Captain).

Q: How many guests can join us on an excursion?
A: Your group can consist of up to 6 (maximum) people aboard the TikiTiki. If your party consists of more than 6 guests, we can provide  extra guests with our kayaks which would be launched 15 minutes from the Islamorada Sandbar. As mentioned above, we could also coordinate multiple boats to accommodate extra guests and tie-up to the TikiTiki. There is a $75 extra charge per person for the optional kayaks and all the food and amenities of the TikiTiki. As an alternative to kayaks, for large groups, we have relationships with similar boat charter companies which can accommodate extra guests, joining the TikiTiki at the SandBar.

Q: Please describe your boat.
A: The TikiTiki boat is a 25 foot open fisherman, with a capacity for 6 guests, plus any extra guests can use our Ocean Kayaks to meet up at the sandbar (around 15 minutes paddle trip from shore). We can also collaborate with similar boats to “tie up” to the TikiTiki for a day of adventure snorkeling followed by activities at the Islamorada Sandbar or Mangrove Islands. We have a great sound system for your favorite music. TikiTiki has no bathroom on board, but there is one at the dock. Shade is provided, if desired. TikiTiki has a lounging area in the front for sleeping or tanning, and we use the back of the boat for our “dance floor” when we have “festive” guests aboard. There is also a tower, which provides the best views and photos of the crystal clear ocean and beautiful sandbar. There is space for keeping your valuables safe and dry. The boat is kept clean, updated, and very well maintained. It is the perfect boat for your group.

Q: Where does the boat depart from?
A: The TikiTiki is docked at Smuggler’s Cove Resort at 85500 Overseas Highway, Islamorada, Florida 33036. Islamorada is in the upper Florida Keys, about 60 miles south of the Miami border. Smuggler’s Cove is in the heart of Islamorada, within a 10 minute drive from most of the popular hotels in the area. The famous Islamorada Sandbar is a short 10 minute boat ride from the dock, and the best coral reef is 15 minutes from the dock. Generally, it takes about 2 hours to drive from Key West and 90 minutes to arrive in Islamorada from the Miami airport, barring traffic. Best times to depart Miami would be Monday-Friday between 9:30AM and 2:30PM or Saturdays and Sundays BEFORE 9:00AM or AFTER 5:00PM. Returning to Miami, plan to avoid heavy traffic by leaving Islamorada before 5:00AM, between 8:30AM and 2:00PM, or after 6:30PM.

Q: Do you rent paddleboards, kayaks, snorkel equipment, or rent your boat without the Captain?
A: No. Unfortunately, our “toys” are a part of the all-inclusive excursions or an extra add-on to a paid charter, not rented individually.

Q: Is this a private charter boat tour, only for my group, or is it open to the public?
A: The day is reserved only for your group, as a private tour. HOWEVER, in some circumstances, you may be offered the opportunity to share the day, and reduce your cost, with 2 to 4 additional individuals. Ultimately, it would be your choice to do so or keep it private. Call us for more information.

Q: Is there an age requirement on the boat?
A: No, anyone of any age can join us for our day time excursions, with the exception of special events. Children must be accompanied by a legal guardian, who is ultimately responsible for their actions, care, and supervision. Evening, happy hour excursions are accessible only to those age 21 and over.

Q: What happens if it rains or other potential reasons for canceling the excursion?
A: If severe weather is anticipated, Key Largo Adventures will evaluate the timing of the storm may (1) suggest alternate start/finish times on the same day, (2) offer a credit and alternate date for your excursion, or (3) offer a refund. If the weather is not perfect but not severe, the TikiTiki will depart as scheduled, although the tour may be altered to offer the best scenario to the guests. For example, when snorkeling is not possible or the Islamorada Sandbar is too windy, our guests love our Mangrove Island tour in the bay. In less than perfect conditions, activities and “toys” we typically provide at the Sandbar are taken to the bay side of Islamorada, instead. Keep in contact with the Captain the day of your reservation, and please do not assume your charter is cancelled without his confirmation. “No shows” or same day cancellations without confirmation from the Captain may not result in a refund. See our cancelation policy, at the bottom of our “Prices and Reservations” page, for additional details.

Q: Do guests need to bring anything?
A: Although Key Largo Adventures can supply your group with beach towels and sunblock, we recommend you bring your own. We have a large cooler for food and drinks that we are providing, but if you choose to bring your own, please only bring a small one (74 quarts or less) with your own ice. Also, don’t forget your sunglasses (polarized are recommended). Although it is not required, you may want to consider bringing water shoes. Prescription snorkel masks are suggested for far-sighted guests who wear strong prescription glasses.  For all excursions we provide lifejackets and all the toys, such as snorkel equipment, paddleboards, kid’s kayak, floats, and a beach umbrella.

Q: Can we bring our own food, drinks, alcohol, etc?
A: As a part of your “ALL-INCLUSIVE” full day package, we provide all the food and drinks you pre-order from our menu.  Half-day tours do not include BBQ, but instead consist of snacks.  You are very welcome to bring additional food or drinks, but keep in mind that extra items will need extra space and ice in our cooler, which is often full.  If desired, you may bring a small cooler with ice (74 quart size or less).Prices and Reservations

Q: Tell me about the Captain and the Key Largo Adventures boat tour business.
A: Key Largo Adventures has been in business since 2009. Captain Charlie has been a licensed charter boat captain since 2006 and has been boating and snorkeling in the Florida Keys since 1979.  As a former elementary school teacher in Miami for nearly 20 years, Captain Charlie is fantastic with children and educating them on marine life and conservation.

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