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Islamorada Sandbar or Mangrove Islands Adventure

Less than one mile offshore on the oceanside, you will find the popular Islamorada Sandbar. This “underwater island” is only accessible by boat or float (paddleboards, kayak, etc). For a half or full day on a less expensive, basic sandbar boat, choose the private excursion from Key Largo Adventures, the “Half-Day Sandbar Pontoon” button above, or choose a Private or Shared charter with alternate types of boats from our affiliate company, Aquablue Adventures by clicking the “Simple Sandbar Charter” button above.

On warm weekends throughout the year, you may find up to 300 boaters. Key Largo and Islamorada Sandbar boaters gather to enjoy the crystal clear waters, the soft sand, and the 360° panoramic view – where spectacular sights are the norm. On weekends, expect to join the Islamorada Sandbar party boat to party with fun music and friendly boaters. Weekdays are a little quieter than weekends on the sandbar, and our backcountry mangrove island tours are a nice, quiet alternative when the sandbar is too busy for your group. The choice is yours.

In the winter, more snowbirds move into the sandbar – not overly concerned with the cooler water and air. Many of our guests choose to go directly to the sandbar for a good reason, skipping other activities offered by Key Largo Adventures, such as snorkeling.

Website photos very thoroughly depict the varieties of fun for all ages in what is annually voted as the Florida Keys’ “Hottest Spot.” Guests may lounge on the boat or use our variety of floats provided. Or, on the sandbar, you may choose to float or sit on the sandbar – commonly with a cold drink (of your choice) in hand. Adults and children alike may take the paddle board or a kayak for a scenic ride or the paddle boards across the grassy flats, full of sea life, in and around Islamorada’s Sandbar.

The mangrove islands do not offer a beach or sandbar. However, the day usually is spent using snorkel masks, paddle board/kayak, floating chairs, and listening to music on the boat. It’s a great day with a natural, quiet feeling, making a great location for viewing wildlife, paddling, having lunch/drinks, and taking photos.

There is a sunny area at the bow (front) of each boat and shade provided by the boat’s top or umbrella. Its great to get sun or read a book, or just kick back and relax. Your own lunch and drinks may be served in the comfort of the boat, a floating chair, or on our versatile paddleboard…tough choice!