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Child Eco-Education

Enjoy the best Islamorada eco-tour with Captain Charlie aboard the TIKI TIKI, as part of the three-hour boat charter (or incorporated into a full- or half-day charter).

As a full-time elementary school teacher for the past 15 years in Miami-Dade County, I can make sure each child receives an eight-hour, hands-on marine eco-education like no other – if this is what you would like. Weather permitting, we can snorkel, kayak, or wade ourselves into all three marine eco-systems and their multiple personalities; the living coral reef, the mangrove islands, and the ocean’s seagrass life. To assist the visual learner, fish, coral, and sealife identification cards cataloging every species in every habitat will be available.

There are many lessons to be learned aboard the TIKI TIKI. For example, there is snorkeling, fundamentals of fishing/casting, kayaking, boating regulations and marine life identification which may be as educational to the adult as it is to the child. I have been eco-educating my elementary students since 1999 without a single scratch, fall or accident because safety is my first concern.
I encourage all children under 10 years of age to wear a life jacket while boating, snorkeling or kayaking.

I provide unlimited sunblock for all aboard, as well as towels and a loaner pair of polarized (amber) sunglasses for children and adults alike. One cannot truly appreciate all the marine life, shallow water exploration, and blue/green color changes without a pair of polarized glasses of your own.

This Islamorada eco-tour is a great part of your day with Key Largo Adventures.