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Islamorada Snorkeling

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Islamorada Snorkeling – Coral Reefs

The BEST ISLAMORADA SNORKEL TOUR – Part of a Half-Day or Full-Day Adventure!

There is no finer snorkeling anywhere in North America than in Islamorada and Key Largo, Florida! We combine our snorkel tour with our multi-activity day, plus food and drinks and photos and videos, for an all-inclusive price. The Upper Florida Keys are unique in that they possess the only living coral reef in the United States. Fortunately, we have two great reefs very near our departure point for our private, all-inclusive Islamorada Snorkel Tour – a part of our Half-Day or Full-Day tour. See all activities included in your day aboard the TIKI TIKI here. Water near the reefs is comfortable and clear most of the year. The reefs consist of hundreds of species of coral and fish. The tourist snorkel sights are terrific, but the local hot spots are even better. That’s where a boat captain with 30+ years spearfishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving these waters can help get you get to the best locations.

Guests are encouraged to be photographed feeding the massive population of reef fish and are likely to see a small shark or two, barracuda, moray eels, turtles, eagle rays and the list goes on and on… Professional snorkeling equipment is provided for up to six guests – for both children and adults during the Islamorada Snorkel Tour. Included are masks, snorkels, and fins. Snorkeling for children and novices is also common at the Islamorada sandbar, where it is very shallow and calm. Although there is no living coral at the sandbar, snorkelers may encounter harmless stingrays, blue crabs, spider crabs, cowfish, shells and hermit crabs – all in the crystal clear and sandy bottom, which makes the sandbar the “Hottest Spot” in the entire Florida Keys.

Snorkeling for lobster is an awesome adventure! And needless to say, one of the tastiest meals on the grill. The season begins annually the first week of August and then remains open until March 31st. The first three months are undeniably the best – August, September and October. These months also coincide with the warmest surf temperature – over 82°, making the search for the “spiny” or Florida lobster that much more enjoyable.

Another fun thing to do on your adventure is paddle board in Islamorada. Find prices on our website’s All Charters page, and read about our past guests’ experiences on TripAdvisor, where we are ranked as one of the BEST Islamorada boat tours.

We hope to see you for an exceptional day during our Islamorada Snorkel Tour.