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Islamorada Paddleboarding

Islamorada Paddle Boarding – Fun, Fun, Fun

Islamorada paddle boarding is included in Key Largo Adventures’ Full- or Half-day packages.

The coolest and most popular adventure recently has been Islamorada paddle boarding (SUP). While designed for one, many adults prefer taking a friend for a calm and beautiful ride at the Islamorada Sandbar and its gorgeous shallow surroundings. Children, on the other hand, enjoy taking more than just one friend and also love paddling the nearby flats in search of marine wildlife such as stingrays, horseshoe crab, starfish, harmless nurse sharks, barracuda, tarpon, spotted eagle rays, hermit crabs, cowfish, etc. on the pristine shallow sands of the Islamorada Sandbar or the nearby seagrass beds (which is one of the three main marine ecosystems in the Florida Keys). Whether it’s a family tour via SUP or a solo excursion, you will have a breathtaking 360-degree panoramic view throughout your ride that is second to none. Polarized glasses provided to all on board will be a huge benefit when paddle boarding in search of marine wildlife.

If fishing aboard the paddle board is also on your agenda, you chose an ideal location for it. Considered the “Fishing Capital of the World,” Islamorada’s shallow crystal clear flats is a big reason for this title. Whether you slow-troll or site cast ballyhoos, squid, shrimp, or live bait, the game fish readily available include, the bonnethead shark, barracuda, bonefish, tarpon, or even permit. Other unusual species caught at the sandbar include the flounder, cowfish, lizardfish, and even a mantis shrimp.

In addition to Islamorada paddle boarding, another fun thing to do on your day full of adventure includes snorkeling in Islamorada. Find prices on our website’s All Charters page, and read about our past guests’ experience on TripAdvisor, where we are ranked as one of the BEST Islamorada boat tours.

Whether you’re alone on the paddle board or not, or whether you’re fishing or not – plan on having an adventure you won’t soon forget.