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We were so happy and grateful to have been selected by “The Insider,” social media publisher, December 2017, to showcase Key Largo Adventures’ services and our Ocean BBQ Lunch. This clip features our upgraded menu options and use of our paddleboard dining table. Some guests select from our standard menu and are served while in floating chairs. Or they may choose to picnic aboard the “TikiTiki.” Our customized BBQ lunches are one part of our full day charter and a truly unique experience for our guests.

Your Islamorada boat tour or charter will be digitally photographed during your entire Key Largo Adventure.  An average charter has 150 – 200+  above and below water photographs taken throughout the trip.  Your photographs will be emailed to you within days after your trip, via Dropbox or e-mail.  Throughout this website you will see many spectacular photographs captured on numerous charters.  Needless to say, the Florida Keys provides beautiful scenery for extraordinary photographs of you, your family and friends…

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