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Prices depend on the number of guests, may increase during holiday periods, and do not include customary tips or online payment fees.  See charter details and Cancellation Policy below or call, text, or email for questions 305-975-4885,

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Half Day Charter (no BBQ)  Choose Private or Sharable – starting at $590 – All-Inclusive

Up To 4 Hours – *10AM or 2PM start – with sack Lunch & Multiple Activities (no BBQ) – maximum 6 guests (to accommodate extra guests, purchase a 6 person charter and add our Kayaks for up to 10 total guests) or see “Customized Charters” below for other boating options for large groups.

Review Special Notations and Cancellation Policy before paying.



Full Day Private Charter – starting at $690 – All-Inclusive with BBQ

Up To 7 Hours between *10AM-5PM – with grilled Lunch and Multiple Activities – maximum 6 guests (to accommodate extra guests, purchase a 6 person charter and add our Kayaks for up to 10 total guests) or see “Custom Charters” below for other boating options for large groups.

Review Special Notations and Cancellation Policy before paying. Shareable charters with other parties, may be available. Call/text for details.

3-Hour Eco-Tour & Paddle Charters

Eco/Paddle in One Location for 3-Hours, Starting at $550. Reservations by Phone or Email only.

Large Groups, Custom Charters

– OR –

3-Hour Sightseeing or Bar-Hopping Tours

Large Groups (7 or more guests) – All-Inclusive food/drinks/photos/videos for everyone – See Standard Amenities for Full or Half-Day Charters for details – Menu options may be altered to accommodate large parties. Boat Options could include any of the following: 1. Rent KLA kayaks and meet KLA’s “TikiTiki” boat at the SandBar – a 20 minute paddle, directly from the land, less than 1 mile from shore. No snorkeling at the reef for Kayakers. 2. Charter KLA’s “TikiTiki” boat for the first 5-6 guests, and rent a self-captained boat for the remaining guest (up to 12 total on the second boat) – Estimate $1340 (7 guests) to $1890 (12 guests). No snorkeling at the reef unless the guest captain is familiar with navigating rough ocean and tying to buoys; 3. Charter KLA’s “TikiTiki” boat and rent a boat plus a second hired captain – Estimate $1550 (7 guests) to $2140 (12 guests)
Custom Charters – Lobster Season, Public/Split Charters, and Special Events – Starting $690 for 2 guests and $200 each additional guest (maximum 6 guests), All-Inclusive food/drinks/photos/videos
Bar/Restaurant/Home-Tour (Maximum 6 guests) – 3 Hours – Boating only – No Water Activities (i.e. no snorkel/swim/paddle) – Snacks, Drinks, and Photos/Videos are Provided – Starting at $500.
Reservations by Phone or Email only.

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*Departure times listed in each package should be confirmed with the captain before booking and could potentially be adjusted upon request.
Prices shown are for standard days for one boat, the TikiTiki, for up to 6 passengers. Larger groups should call for alternatives and special pricing. Also, call for pricing and availability for Special Events such as Holiday Weeks/Weekends, as they may have alternate prices, limited activities, or age restrictions, which should be confirmed before reserving your charter.

See the bottom of this page for a full list of amenities for our standard and premium charter options. Although a typical charter includes snorkeling followed by activities at the Islamorada Sandbar, note that weather conditions and other factors may alter the charter’s standard agenda and activities, to be determined the morning of the charter.
Please also review the Cancellation Policy on this page before paying.

**Look for a  text confirmation from Capt. Charlie after you pay. If you do not receive a text within 24 hours, please call us to confirm your charter was indeed reserved.

Cancellation / Refund Policy

Refunds may be given when the customer notifies Key Largo Adventures at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled charter date/time. Cancellation requests must be sent BOTH in writing (email to AND by phone (305-975-4885) to ensure you get a timely confirmation of the cancellation from Key Largo Adventures. Adequate reason for cancelling is required, and proof of reason for cancellation may be requested. Weather-related issues are tracked and evaluated by Key Largo Adventures and may result in last minute cancellation of the charter OR result in changes in activities provided during the tour. Some activities (i.e. fishing, snorkeling, sandbar, etc) which are a typical part of our charter are dependent on the weather and other factors and are not guaranteed for each charter.  When dangerous weather completely cancels the tour, a credit may be offered toward a future date or a full or partial refund may be provided with 30 days of the cancellation, at the discretion of Key Largo Adventures. NOTE: If a “last minute” reservation is made (within 48 hours of the scheduled excursion) and then cancelled, a refund may not be considered. “No shows” or late requests for cancellation may also result in denial of a full refund.  If the guests do not arrive at the dock or are more than one hour late without contacting Key Largo Adventures, Key Largo Adventures will consider the guests to be a “No show,” cancelling their tour without refund.

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Standard Charter Amenities for FULL & HALF-DAY Charters

  • FULL DAY CHARTER Menu: BBQ lunch includes your choice(s) of: grilled burgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs, skirt steak, sausages, ribs, or chicken. Seafood is available with Premium Charter Upgrades (below). Some selections may become unavailable, depending on number of guests or availability. Alternates will be provided, in such cases.
    • Side items may include a choice of potato salad, macaroni salad or corn on the cob, Grilled Vegetable, etc.
    • Chips & fresh fruit
  • HALF DAY CHARTER Menu: Sack lunch with sandwich, chips, & fruit is included. No BBQ,
  • Complimentary dessert and Fireball
  • Your choice of up to 36 beverages (6 guests), including soda, beer, juices, Gatorade, etc. Bottled water is free.
  • 2 Stand-up paddleboards (SUP)
  • Snorkeling equipment includes masks, snorkels and fins for adults and children. Note, although reef snorkeling may be offered, it depends on conditions. Alternate activities may be offered.
  • Flats fishing (SandBar) equipment includes custom-made rods and reels, tackle, and bait
  • 1 Individual kayak is provided for hours of fun
    • 2-person kayak (as a $75 pp addition to the charter) is great for cruising the shallow flats
    • Rafts, umbrellas, football, and Frisbee for enjoyment at the SandBar
    • Spectacular sound system (Pandora available)
    • Digital photos/videos – above and under water
    • Polarized sunglasses for all ages
    • Comfortable sitting/tanning area
    • Mini tower (crow’s nest)
    • Fresh water shower
    • Premium Upgrades can be found below

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Optional Premium Charter Upgrades Include all the Standard Full & Half-Day Charter Amenities (above)… PLUS:

Choose to upgrade/increase your beverage selections – Premium Options available

Enhanced full-day charter menu includes the Standard Charter options plus Shrimp or Fish. Add BBQ-grilled lunch menu to half day charters.

Complete enhanced photo & video package

Extra time -OR- Add-on site-seeing – Year-Round HALF-DAY CHARTERS and SUMMER FULL-DAY CHARTERS  – Note: WINTER FULL-DAY CHARTERS Add-on a site-seeing tour (extra time not available)

Premium Charter site seeing depends on conditions and may include any  of the following –  home tour, mangrove islands, or bar hopping

Souvenir gifts… and more!!!

CALL to check availability

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