Shark Encounters

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Join our full day or half-day of activities, included in our ALL-Inclusive PRICE, which can include Islamorada fishing in shallow water. Small, harmless sharks inhabit the deep and shallow waters off the Florida Keys. While snorkeling the magical coral reefs, you are likely to encounter the most common of Keys’ sharks – the Nurse Shark. The nurse shark is a bottom dweller who cruises the ocean floor in search of food or a quiet resting place, usually underneath a coral head. Viewing these graceful sharks in their natural marine environment while snorkeling the only living coral reef in the U.S. is a thrilling adventure the whole family can enjoy!

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While paddleboarding or kayaking or wading at the Sand Bar, there’s a fairly good chance you will encounter a nurse or Bonnethead Shark. Of course, by dropping some cut bait or squid around your location (for the fisherman or the curious), the chances of meeting one of these harmless creatures is more likely. If you happen to be in the water hanging out or with a rod in your hands, rest assured the shark has absolutely no interest in you. So relax and admire the passing shark, photograph it or you’re your rod and get ready for a battle.

The most popular catch is the Bonnethead Shark, a smaller cousin of the Hammerhead Shark, which rarely exceeds 15 lbs. (see photographs).   At the Islamorada Sand Bar it is the most sought after and photogenic of all sharks! It is totally harmless when hooked and landed so there is no need to fear. On occasion, the Blacktip Shark or a small Lemon Shark will come cruising by to say Hello … what a sight to see!

Please note that for conservation reasons, this Captain does not maim, keep or kill any species of shark under any circumstances. We pride ourselves in the practice of “Catch & Release”. PHOTOGRAPHS, however, will capture your memories for a lifetime!

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