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Full Day Shared Special Event Charter (2 Adults)

Quick Details

Hour Glass Duration: 8 hours

Users Capacity: 1 to 2 people

1-2 Adults

Choose a Shared Special Full-Day Event

The Islamorada Sandbar is THE place to be during special events and holiday weeks/weekends. We invite our adult guests to join us for an ALL-INCLUSIVE day of fun. This is a social scene which looks like a dance party, music festival, and boat show, all in one location. Enjoy a worry-free day aboard the TikiTiki. The party is for guests 21+. The boat will be shared with a maximum of six total adults.

All-inclusive, 8-hour day, includes the following

  • BBQ lunch includes your choice(s) of grilled burgers, hot dogs, bratwurst, or chicken. Choose after checkout!
  • Side items may include a choice of potato salad, macaroni salad or corn on the cob, Grilled Vegetables, etc.
  • Chips & fresh fruit
  • Complimentary dessert and Fireball
  • Your choice of up to one six-pack of beverages per person, including soda, beer, juices, Gatorade, etc. Bottled water is free. You may bring a SMALL cooler if you want to bring more food/drinks.
  • 2 Stand-up paddleboards (SUP)
  • 1 Individual kayak is provided for hours of fun
  • Rafts, umbrellas, football, and Frisbee for enjoyment at the SandBar
  • Spectacular sound system (Pandora available)
  • Digital photos/videos
  • Comfortable sitting/tanning area
  • Mini tower (crow’s nest)
  • Freshwater shower
  • Note, SNORKELING may NOT be offered during a shared charter on special events (holidays, etc) or if the captain determines weather and other conditions will not allow it.
  • And more!